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High Sound Damping Rubber Sheets
High Sound Damping Rubber Sheets are used on the floorings of topside structure, to reduce the noise in between deck level.
The ability of rubber to dam sound is proven by the slowness with which the sound is propagated since sound propagation in rubber is approximately 1/70 that in steel.

1.  Sound Barrier properties

According to the "Mass Law", the sound intensity transmitted through an acoustic barrier is inversely proportional to the square of the mass per unit area of the barrier. High mass per unit area ensures that motion of the barrier induced by incident sound waves will be small, so that the transmitted energy will be small and most of the incident energy will be reflected.

If a relatively thick layer of rubber is added to a panel, it would therefore improve its sound insulation properties, and the thicker and heavier the rubber layer the better. Any damping imparted by the rubber layer will be beneficial, since it will result in lower levels of vibration of the barrier when excited at its resonant frequencies, and hence improve performance at such frequencies.

2. Impact Attenuation properties

Heavy-duty rubber flooring is often used in loading bays and distribution depots to protect sub-floor and items being handled from impact damage and to reduce operational noise Both these attributes are a consequence of the compliance of the rubber floor, so that it reduces impact stresses by cushioning, resulting in less damage and less excitation of sound-generating vibration in the sub-floor or the items being handled.

High Sound Damping Rubber Sheets Brochure
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