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Leg Mating Units (LMU)
Leg Mating Units (LMU) are used in the Float Over Method of installation of Platform Topside.  The topside structure is transported to the offshore site with a barge.  During the leg mating operation, the topside load is slowly transferred to the jacket leg using the leg mating units.
Leg mating units consist of a steel casing that incorporates the rubber pads of which are designed to take up the static load of topside structure as well as the dynamic load of topside owing to the seawave movement.  This vertical rubber pad is normally complimented with the use of side rubber pad to cater for any horizontal force arising during the deck mating operation.
Float over of topside structure
Topside loading to jacket leg through leg mating unit
Horizontal load absorbing elastomeric units - Top Side
Vertical load absorbing elastomeric units
Horizontal load absorbing
elastomeric units - Bottom Side
Steel Casing

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