i.         Rheometer 100 (Mansonto)

ii.        Specific Gravity

iii.       Tensometer Model 1011 (Instron)

iv.       IRHD Hardness Meter (Wallace)

        Shore 'A' Hardness Meter (Frank)

vi.       IRHD Pocket Meter M306L (Wallace)

vii.      Shore 'A' Durometer (PIC)

viii.     Compression Set, Testing Jigs and Curing Oven

Laboratory Test Mill

x.       Standard Test Specimen Press

xi.      Endurance Tester for Bushing (USA)

xii.     Monney Viscometer Model 2001 (Shimadzu)

xiii.    IDX Shadowgraph Projector

xiv.    Quadruple Shear Test Jig

xv.     500 Tons Test Rig No. 1 for Bearings (Compression and Shear)

xvi.    1500 Tons Test Rig No. 2 for Bearings (Compression and Shear)

4000 Tons Test Rig No. 3 for Bearings (Compression and Shear)

xviii.  Robinsion Test Press for Seismic Bearings (4000 Tons
        Compression, 700 Tons Shear and +/-500mm Shear Movement)
Testing Facilities
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