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MIN was established in 1994 through the management buy-off of formerly known HUME Rubbers Products Sdn Bhd, which has been operating since 1975 by Hong Leong Group.

MIN has grown as a Rubber Manufacturer to an Engineering Company to provide "Total Package" to its customers.

Our objective is to provide good Quality Engineering Products with the better and efficient choices for the optimum usage to its clients.

We produce various types of products mainly for the engineering and construction industry ie. Laminated Rubber Bearings, Plain Rubber Bearings, Strip Bearings, Sliding PTFE Rubber Bearings, Mechanical Pot Bearings, Seismic Bearings, Oil & Gas Bearings, Expansion Joints, Waterstops, Seals and etc.
MIN Integrations

Leg Mating Units (LMU)

Load-out Support Frame Pads (LSF Pads)

High Sound Damping Rubber Sheets

Seismic Bearings

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