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oakley sunglasses outlet sale media to help brands to promote and endorsement; third, the fashion of the packaging, including the new quarterly filming and publishing, etc.; Content, through professional editing, of people, the goods on the cat in a professional, vertical means to become content. Second, from the goods to the content; Third, to support the designer team, including the original, big-name, high-end fashion design, Tide card. Spirit days revealed that the diverse needs of consumers, the brand structure is also moving in the days of diversification. In addition to the introduction of international big-name, to support the brand fashion platform, the more and more domestic and foreign designers will be stationed in the days of the original cat, and reached depth of cooperation, 'So we are a lot of brands to move forward, Big'.1, black tourmaline: dark, deep. (1) can effectively eliminate the pressure, fatigue, turbidity, improve health, improve luck. (2) for the night to sleep easily frightened, nightmare who placed black tourmaline discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet a stable space field effect, and can ward off evil spirits. (3) help protect patients from outside interference, concentrate on recuperating, enhance the speed of rehabilitation. 2, blue tourmaline: the main communication and sensitivity. (1) can effectively enhance communication skills, ability to express and persuade. (2) for over-generous, generous, generous, enthusiastic people, careless people easily use their own suffer, wear blue tourmaline can balance this personality. 3, green tourmaline: people happy, happy. (1) green light is the light of wealth, and can make people feel happy, gas and money. (2) green light to help make good friends, good relations, good luck, but also easy to get the boss's appreciation and elegant help. (3) can help to eliminate the heart of the troubles, depressed and unhappy, bringing a real happy, joyful mood, for depression, autism or easy to self-denial are particularly effective. (4) do something for the weak, unwilling, who do not want to help find work fun, and willing to invest, go all out oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet from which to achieve self-satisfaction pleasure. 4, Rose tourmaline: people warm, unrestrained. Tourmaline red tones are widely distributed, mostly between pink and pink, a small number of deep red as the color of ruby, its energy makes people warm, unrestrained, cheerful, comfortable, corresponding to heart round, very popular . (1) presented the tourmaline to the opposite sex, is a way to express love, capture the other side of the atrium of a good way; wear roses tourmaline is also easy to attract wonderful love, the ideal partner; or make more affection between husband and wife. (2) help others improve relationships when they have a preconceptions about you, and increase your popularity when you are alienated from others; at the same time, help to dispel the indifference of one's heart , Eccentric and a variety of abnormal psychology, people become easy to get along. (3) for those who often need to deal with the public or work, contribute to the dissemination of personal charisma, strengthen leadership qualities oakley sunglasses factory outlet


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